Cyanide Code Self-Training Videos

Our video training series is a flexible, self-paced tool designed to provide in-depth program information to enable you to learn about and implement the Cyanide Code.

Begin with Module 1 and follow the videos in order.

Total viewing time: 3.5 hours

Module 1
10:33 min
Code Background & Development

Provides background on the development, growth and intent of the Cyanide Code.

Module 2
37:00 min
Code Structure, Auditing & Certification

Includes an explanation of how the Cyanide Code is structured, requirements for Code auditors and auditing, and the process for certification of mining, transport and cyanide production operations.

Module 3
5:43 min
Principles 1 & 2 / Production & Transportation

Explains the Code’s requirements for purchasing cyanide from certified producers and for the transport of cyanide to the mining operation using certified transporters and supply chains.

Module 4
7:58 min
Principle 3 / Handling & Storage

Describes the requirements for safe handling and storage of high strength cyanide, including requirements for unloading and mixing.

Module 5
58:41 min
Principle 4 / Operations

Explains requirements for safely using cyanide during mineral processing, including expectations for wildlife protection, surface and groundwater protection, secondary containment, tailings solution management, inspections, maintenance, and operating plans and procedures.

Module 6
6:59 min
Principle 5 / Decommissioning

Includes requirement for planning decommissioning of cyanide facilities, including demonstrating sufficient financial strength for decommissioning.

Module 7
15:59 min
Principle 6 / Worker Safety

Describes worker safety requirements, including requirements for monitoring, PPE

Module 8
16:01 min
Principle 7 / Emergency Responses

Details requirements for Emergency Response systems, including items such as requirements for emergency response teams, drills, and involvement of external stakeholders in emergency response systems.

Module 9
5:33 min
Principle 8 / Training

Describes expectations for the training of workers in the safe use of cyanide and in responding to emergencies involving cyanide.

Module 10
6:29 min
Principle 9 / Dialogue

Describes requirements for communication on the use of cyanide with workers and external stakeholders, such as local communities, and reporting of cyanide incidents affecting human health or the environment.

Module 11
20:48 min
Cyanide Transporter Certification

Details the Cyanide Code’s requirements for certification of transporters and transportation supply chains.

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