Use of the Cyanide Code Logo


Use of the Cyanide Code Logo


1. General

The “International Cyanide Management Code For The Manufacture, Transport and Use of Cyanide In The Production of Gold” (Cyanide Code name and logo are the property of the International Cyanide Management Institute (“ICMI” or “the Institute”) as reflected in the records of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  It is the policy of the Institute that no person or entity shall be permitted to reproduce or otherwise use the Cyanide Code’s logo without having obtained the express permission of the ICMI in advance and in writing as specified below.  In addition, the requirements governing the reproduction and display of the logo set forth in Section 3, below shall apply.  With particular regard to the use of the Cyanide Code logo by those operations of signatories to the Cyanide Code that are certified as fully compliant with Cyanide Code, the additional requirements in Section 2, below shall be applicable.  In any instance, ICMI reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of a breach of this policy and its requirements.  Possible actions may include, but are not limited to, revoking signatory status, and/or instituting enforcement proceedings with the appropriate authorities.  Any misuse or unauthorized use of the Cyanide Code logo should be referred to ICMI at [email protected].





2. Use of the Cyanide Code Logo by Certified Operations

It is the policy of the Institute to encourage Certified Operations to use its logo (“Cyanide Code logo”), (displayed above), for the purposes specified herein.  For purposes of this policy, a Certified Operation is a gold or silver mine, cyanide production facility or cyanide transporter that: (a) is owned by a company that is a Cyanide Code signatory; (b) has undergone a Cyanide Code Certification Audit and has been found in full compliance with the Cyanide Code; (c) has received a letter of certification from ICMI; and (d) has not been decertified by ICMI.  It is further ICMI’s policy to permit Certified Operations the use of the Cyanide Code logo only in the context of their activities promoting the Cyanide Code and its goals.  Moreover, the Cyanide Code logo may only be used if the activities of the user are consistent with aims, purposes, and activities of the Cyanide Code and ICMI.  Use of the Cyanide Code logo must contribute to or provide an opportunity to promote the Cyanide Code.  The image, reputation, and impartiality of ICMI and the Cyanide Code must be maintained.  Thus, use of the logo must not imply or suggest, in any manner, that ICMI has endorsed or approved of the activities, products, and/or services of the signatory organization and its Certified Operation, or that ICMI is the source of any such activities, products, and/or services.  The Cyanide Code logo may not be used in a manner prejudicial or detrimental to ICMI and the Cyanide Code.  In accordance with this policy, the following uses of the Cyanide Code logo generally will be permitted:

  1. In training and/or other educational materials related to the Cyanide Code;
  2. In documents and/or other materials designed to promote the principles of the Cyanide Code;
  3. In statements outlining a participant’s Cyanide Code-related activities;
  4. In the context of a Cyanide Code communication on progress;
  5. As a graphical element of stationery, business cards, and other variably utilized print materials;
  6. On a sign or similar display, or on an Internet site identifying a Certified Operation as being fully compliant with the Cyanide Code.

However, for all proposed uses of the Cyanide Code logo, including those referred to above, the permission of ICMI must be sought in advance in writing (letter or e-mail) at 1400 I Street, NW, Suite 550, Washington, DC 20005; or [email protected]. Please send us a sample of your document and indicate where you would like the logo to appear. Please note that the logo may not be used as a component of an organization’s own logo, trademark or other branding elements.


3. Requirements Governing the Reproduction and Display of the Logo

Maintaining consistency in the display of the Cyanide Code logo by Certified Operations, other authorized users, and ICMI is an important aspect of the strategy to advocate the principles of the Cyanide Code.  Accordingly, when authorized operations and other authorized users incorporate the Cyanide Code name and logo in their materials for the permitted uses outlined above, they must strictly adhere to the following requirements regarding the reproduction and display of the Cyanide Code name and logo.


An authorization to use the Cyanide Code logo is neither assignable nor transferable to a third party.  This authorization may be withdrawn at any time, at the sole discretion of ICMI, without any kind of recourse.

Elements of the Logo

The Cyanide Code logo is comprised of three elements: (1) a check mark; (2) a “globe” symbol, and (3) and the capital letters “CN”, with the globe symbol inside the “C”.

Reproduction of the Logo

The Cyanide Code logo must be treated as a unique element and resized proportionally.  The reproduction of the logo should be generated from high quality artwork.  Accordingly, the authorized user is required to use the authorized artwork that is provided by ICMI.  The logo should never be reproduced by hand, nor should the lettering be substituted with another font. The letters should not be altered or redrawn, nor should the elements be re-spaced.

Color of the Logo

The logo uses Pantone 8642.  The logo may either be reproduced in color, or in black and white to the extent not inconsistent with the policy set forth herein.  In the case of the color logo, the colors from the artwork provided by ICMI should not be modified.  To ensure readability, the color logo should always appear on a white or light-colored background.  The logo may be reproduced in black and white for use on other backgrounds.  A screen tint or shade should never be used when reproducing the Cyanide Code logo.

Appearance of the Logo

In all materials on which the Cyanide Code logo is used, the logo must appear in isolation, uncluttered by competing images, and in its complete form.  No part of it, including its color scheme and its proportions may be altered or deleted.  The logo should appear horizontally.  The logo should not be used as part of a sentence or word phrase, or in a descriptive sense, or associated with any non-related symbols or graphical elements.

To ensure that the Cyanide Code name and logo are displayed consistently worldwide, the authorized user is required to provide ICMI with samples of all materials that bear the Cyanide Code name and logo in advance of their use.  ICMI reserves the right to revoke the right to use the Cyanide Code name and logo if these requirements or instructions by ICMI are violated.


4. Liability

Any entity authorized to the use the Cyanide Code logo must agree in writing that:

  1. The entity is responsible for ensuring that the activities are carried out in accordance with applicable law;
  2. ICMI does not assume any responsibility for the activities of its signatories and their certified operations; and
  3. The entity shall hold harmless and defend ICMI, its officials and staff members, against any demand or action that may be brought against them as a result of the use of the Cyanide Code logo.