Review and Revision


Review and Revision of the Cyanide Code and Its Supporting Documents

The International Cyanide Management Code represents best practice for management of cyanide used in gold and silver mining.  It is essential that the Cyanide Code, its Principles and Standards of Practice, and its supporting documents evolve as new and proven best practice for cyanide management are determined. Periodic review and updating of the Cyanide Code and its associated documents is therefore necessary to ensure that they continue to represent the best currently available practices for cyanide management.

The International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing these reviews and authorizing revisions in the Cyanide Code and its supporting documents.

Ongoing Review

All stakeholders are encouraged to identify technical deficiencies and administrative problems that exist as the Cyanide Code is implemented and to advise ICMI through [email protected] or otherwise through communication with the ICMI President.  The President will advise the Board of Directors of these issues and the Board will direct the President to take whatever action it deems appropriate.  These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Soliciting stakeholder input;
  • Placing the item on the agenda for discussion at a Board meeting;
  • Drafting a Cyanide Code revision for the Board’s consideration;
  • Contracting for research on the issue and/or development of a Cyanide Code revision for the Board’s discussion and/or consideration;
  • Taking no further action.

Issues related to proposed substantive changes to program documentation to be considered by the Board will be posted on the Cyanide Code website at least one month prior to the Board’s meeting, along with an invitation for stakeholder comment.  The Board will consider the issue, determine whether or not a revision to the Code or its supporting documents is necessary, and direct the President to implement its decision pursuant to the procedures prescribed in ICMI’s bylaws.

As a matter of practice, ICMI undertakes a transparent process when considering changes to the Cyanide Code and its supporting documents.  Stakeholder review of proposed changes is fundamental to this public process, and stakeholder comments are encouraged and welcomed by ICMI management and its Board of Directors.

In addition to the process described above, the ICMI Board of Directors at its own initiative may direct the President to evaluate technical aspects of the Cyanide Code, determine if the Code continues to represent best practice for cyanide management and make appropriate recommendations for areas that should be updated, or have such a review conducted by a technical consultant.