Notification of Planned Audits and Auditors

This online form is to be used by signatory operations to notify ICMI of planned audits and the auditors planned or already contracted for those audits.

Operations are required to complete and submit this form to ICMI no less than 60 days prior to the planned audit date.

Prior to submitting the form, operations should:

A. Confirm that all planned auditors are listed on ICMI’s current List of Approved Auditors, available on the Cyanide Code website. Any auditors proposed or contracted who are not on the list should submit their auditor credentials to ICMI at [email protected] at least 60 days prior to the audit so that ICMI can review their credentials in advance of the audit.

B. Confirm that the planned auditors and associated companies would not be in violation of ICMI’s rules prohibiting:

  • Individual auditors from participating in more than two consecutive certification audits of any individual operation; and
  • Individual companies from being contracted for more than three consecutive audits of any individual operation.
  • ICMI’s restrictions on consecutive audits are described in Section 3, Part B of ICMI’s Auditor Criteria (December 2022) document. Please note that pre-operational audits are counted as certification audits for the purpose of these consecutive audit prohibitions.

C. Confirm that the site inspection portion of planned audits will be conducted in advance of the required audit dates. For initial audits, an operation that is active when designated for certification by a signatory company must have the site inspection portion of its initial certification audit completed within three years of being designated for certification, while the site inspection portion of recertification audits must be completed within three years of the date of the operation’s previous certification, except in cases of a change in ownership.

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