Finding a Qualified Auditor

Operations of companies that are signatories to the Cyanide Code must be audited to determine if they can be certified as in compliance with the Cyanide Code’s Principles and Standards of Practice.  Audits for certification under the Cyanide Code must be conducted by independent third-party auditors meeting ICMI requirements for experience, expertise and lack of conflicts of interest.  Full details of requirements for lead auditors, technical auditors, and audit teams are included in ICMI’s Auditor Criteria document.

ICMI does not contract with auditors for the compliance audits.  Auditors are chosen, contracted, and paid by the company or operation for which they will perform the audit.  However, those auditors must meet ICMI’s strict requirements for auditors.

ICMI maintains an Auditor List, containing the names of auditors who have submitted their credentials and been accepted by ICMI to conduct Cyanide Code audits. Although auditors are not required to appear on the list, ICMI recommends that companies contracting auditors who do not appear on the list ensure that their auditors have the necessary qualifications by asking the auditors to submit their qualifications to ICMI for approval prior to being contracted to perform an audit.