Training Workshops

Virtual and In-Person Workshops

ICMI conducts both in-person and virtual training workshops to assist gold and silver mining companies, cyanide producers and transporters, and other stakeholders in their understanding of the Cyanide Code’s expectations for the responsible management of cyanide, and to instruct auditors verifying Cyanide Code compliance on how to evaluate mines, cyanide producers, and transporters and make their findings.

Upcoming Workshops

Announcements for future sessions will be posted here when scheduled. Please contact ICMI at [email protected] if you are interested in training workshops for your company or operations.

Customized Training Sessions

ICMI also conducts customized training for individual operations or companies on basic cyanide chemistry, health and environmental effects, cyanide management, and the Cyanide Code. For information about costs and scheduling of the training please email us at [email protected].

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