2010 International Cyanide Code Conference — July 13, 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Registration is now being accepted for the 2010 International Cyanide Code Conference to be held in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, on July 13, 2010. This one-day conference, open to all interested parties, will feature presentations by certified operations and Code auditors addressing topics including recertification audits, supply chains, integrating Code audits with other audit programs, operational challenges faced by mines in complying with the Code, and the benefits that Code certification brings to companies. These first-hand experiences of those directly responsible for Code implementation and auditing will provide valuable insight for gold miners, cyanide producers and cyanide transporters that are considering becoming signatories as well as for current Code signatories and others interested in the Code and its continuing evolution. Panel discussions among the speakers and ample opportunities for questions from Conference attendees will promote interaction and dialogue between all stakeholders. Additionally, ICMI’s President and Vice President will provide updates on the Code and be available for questions and discussions.

The Conference is being held in conjunction with the Hydrogen Cyanide Industry Safety Conference, which is scheduled for July 14-16 at the same venue. Programs for both conferences and joint registration materials are available via this link.

Friday, April 23, 2010