The International Cyanide Management Institute Announces Extension of Certification Deadline for Kinross Gold Corporation’s Kupol Operation

The Board of Directors of the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) has approved a request from Kinross Gold Corporation (Kinross) for an extension of the deadline for certification of its Kupol operation in the Chukotka Autonomous Region of northeastern Russia until July 16, 2009.

Kinross designated the Kupol operation for certification under the International Cyanide Management Code (Code) while the facility was still in its construction phase, and the operation therefore was required to undergo a certification audit no later than one year after receiving its first cyanide shipment. Since Kupol’s first cyanide delivery was in mid-March 2008, its audit would be due in mid-March 2009. Kinross requested that the audit deadline be extended until July 16, 2009 due to the extreme weather conditions experienced at the site. Kupol is located above the Arctic Circle at 66°47′ north latitude, and experiences heavy snow and extremely cold temperatures from September through March. By the time the mill was fully operational in July 2008, less than two months remained until the onset of winter, when weather conditions seriously compromise an auditor’s ability to conduct a comprehensive site inspection. Due to Kupol’s remote nature and the two-month process of securing government authorization to visit the site, having its audit conducted before the spring/summer of 2009 was not feasible.

Given the constraints on having the audit conducted prior to the mid-March 2009 deadline, the Board has granted Kinross’ request and extended the deadline for Kupol’s certification audit until July 16, 2009.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009