Ten Transport Companies Removed as Signatories to Cyanide Code

The International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) announced today that 10 transport companies have been removed as signatories to the International Cyanide Management Code (Cyanide Code) for nonpayment of the required annual fees, and the companies’ participation in the program has ended. To remain in good standing, signatories are required to pay annual fees to support ICMI’s activities administering the Cyanide Code; the 2018 fees were due at the end of January 2018.

Effective today, the following companies have been terminated from participation in the Cyanide Code program: Evrotrack LLC (Russia); Kutubu Transport Ltd. (Papua New Guinea); Merchant Shipping (Australia); Noor Arabia Trading (Saudi Arabia); Preto S.A.C. (Peru); Saudi Specialty Chemical Industries Co. Ltd. (Saudi Arabia); Sitrans Servicios Integrados de Transportes Ltda. (Chile); TLI Transportes SAC (Peru); To-Pet Petrol Ürünleri Dağ. ve Paz. San. Tic. A.S. (Turkey); and Transportes Bello e Hijos Ltda. (Chile).  TLI Transportes SAC and Transportes Bello e Hijos Ltda. were the only companies to achieve Cyanide Code certification, in February 2017 and October 2015, respectively.

The Cyanide Code has added a total of seven new signatories since the start of 2018, and the program today has a total of 183 signatories, which includes 46 mining companies, 21 cyanide manufacturers, and 116 transporters.

The Cyanide Code is a voluntary industry program of best practice for companies involved in the production of gold and silver using cyanide and companies producing and transporting this cyanide. The full list of current Cyanide Code signatories is available at http://www.cyanidecode.org/signatory-companies/directory-of-signatory-companies. ICMI is a non-profit organization established to administer the Cyanide Code, promote its adoption, evaluate its implementation, and manage the certification process. The full text of the Cyanide Code and its implementing and administrative documents, are available at www.cyanidecode.org.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018