PT Bollore Logistics Indonesia, Indonesia (formerly PT SDV Logistics Indonesia)

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PT Bollore Logistics Indonesia

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Temporarily Inactive: Not Certified

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Initial Certification
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Signatory Date:
July 11, 2011



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Not Applicable

Operating Company:
PT Bollore Logistics Indonesia

Suite A, 1st Floor Wisma Soekarno Hatt International Airport

Additional Information or Comments

The PT Bollore Logistics Indonesia Supply Chain is not in compliance with the Cyanide Code, as it did not have the site inspection portion of its certification audit completed by the established deadline of February 7, 2016. Pursuant to Item III.C. of ICMI’s Signatory and Certification Process, an auditor must submit to ICMI a complete certification audit report with a finding of substantial or full compliance in order for the PT Bollore Logistics Indonesia Supply Chain to be certified in compliance with the Cyanide Code.
Supply chain includes ocean transport from the Port of Brisbane, Australia to the Port of Jakarta, Indonesia by Mediterranean Shipping Company, sea transport to the Port of Sibolga, North Sumatra by Meratus, and truck transport to customer mines by PT. Agincourt Resources.