ICMI Sanctions Two Companies and Two Auditors for Failure to Adhere to Auditor Rotation Rule

The International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) today announced that it has sanctioned two signatory companies and two auditors for not adhering to ICMI’s auditor rotation requirement.

The Cyanide Code program limits at two the number of consecutive audits an auditor may perform for a particular operation. This limit includes pre-operational audits. Compliance with this program requirement is the responsibility of auditors, who must submit a signed and notarized credentials form that specifically directs their attention to the prohibition on performing more than two consecutive audits.  Compliance is also the responsibility of signatory companies, who are annually reminded by ICMI of their compliance responsibilities. The companies should not have engaged the auditors for the recertification audits, but the auditors also had a responsibility to decline the engagement.

ICMI has shortened the duration of the certification periods from three years to two years for the operations involved, Tanker Services Food and Chemicals/Imperial Logistics, and Transportadora Moscato.  ICMI has also sanctioned the two auditors, including a three-month suspension from conducting Cyanide Code certification audits for one auditor.

To prevent reoccurrence of such incidents, ICMI will strengthen its systems for tracking auditors which will include prior notification to ICMI by operations of the auditors proposed or contracted to conduct audits.

Friday, July 1, 2022