ICMI Posts Guidance on Recertification Audits and Report on the Consistency of Code Audits

The International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) today posted on its web site a guidance document on recertification audits and a report on the consistency of Code audit reports.

In its First Quarter 2009 Newsletter, ICMI provided guidance on recertification audits. This information has now been organized into a Guidance for Recertification Audits document, which can be accessed via a link on the Auditing the Code page of the Code web site (http://cyanidecode.org/auditors_code.php). The information presented in this guidance document is substantively the same as that in the Newsletter, although some minor changes have been made for clarity.

In 2009, ICMI commissioned a study to evaluate Verification Audit Reports and determine whether the Code is being audited consistently. The report, Review of Audit Verification Protocol and Audit Reports to Assess Consistency, is now available, and can be accessed at: http://cyanidecode.org/about_review_revisions.php.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010