ICMI Announces Expansion of the Cyanide Code to Include Use of Cyanide in Flotation When Co-located with Cyanide Leaching

The International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) announced today that the scope of the International Cyanide Management Code for the Manufacture, Transport and Use of Cyanide in the Production of Gold (Cyanide Code) has been expanded to include the use of cyanide in flotation operations that are conducted at sites where cyanide also is used to produce gold by leaching. The Cyanide Code and two of its implementing documents have been revised. English versions of the revised documents are now available on the ICMI web site. French and Spanish translations will soon be posted shortly.

ICMI announced that it was considering this expansion in a May 18, 2012 press release. The press release, available via this link, discussed the intent and rationale for the expansion, and proposed revisions to the Cyanide Code, the Code’s Definitions and Acronyms, and the Auditor Guidance for Use of the Gold Mining Operations Verification Protocol (Auditor Guidance) to implement it. ICMI received two comments on its announcement, both of which supported the change. In addition to the revisions proposed on May 18, additional clarifying language has been added to the “Scope” section of the Auditor Guidance.

Effective today, July 6, 2012, a co-located flotation facility must be included in a gold mine’s next required Cyanide Code certification audit. In order to allow these operations sufficient time to implement the Cyanide Code at their flotation facilities, the deadline for the next certification audit of any gold mine that also uses cyanide in a co-located flotation operation and that is otherwise required to have a certification audit within the next 12 months is hereby extended until July 5, 2013.

Friday, July 6, 2012