Four Transport Signatories Withdraw from Cyanide Code Program

The International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) announced today that four transport signatories to the International Cyanide Management Code (Cyanide Code) have ended their participation in the Cyanide Code program.

Effective today, the following companies have withdrawn from the Cyanide Code program: Stierlift S.A. (formerly R. Stiglich S.A.; Peru); RSB Logistic Inc. (Canada); FP Du Toit Transport (formerly Wesbank Transport; Namibia); and Catoni & Company Georgia Ltd. (Republic of Georgia).

Each of the four companies had previously certified its transport operations: Stierlift (certified in 2010, 2013, and 2016); RSB Logistic (certified in 2011 and 2016); FP Du Toit Transport (certified in 2013 and 2017); and Catoni & Company (certified in 2016).

The Cyanide Code is a voluntary industry program of best practice for companies involved in the production of gold and/or silver using cyanide and companies producing and transporting this cyanide. It was developed under the aegis of the United Nations Environment Programme by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee. The full list of current Cyanide Code signatories is available here, and the full text of the Cyanide Code and its implementing and administrative documents are available at

Friday, January 3, 2020