PT Energy Logistics, Indonesia

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PT Energy Logistics Supply Chain

Current Certification Status

Current Certification


Audit Documents
Initial Certification


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Signatory Date:
January 07, 2014



Archived Audit Documents

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Not Applicable

Operating Company:
PT Energy Logistics

JL RS Fatmawatt No. 8, Gandaria Selatan

Additional Information or Comments

The deadline for conducting the recertification audit for the PT Energy Logistics Supply Chain has been extended to March 4, 2022 due to health concerns and travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 virus.

The PT Energy Logistics Supply Chain includes transportation of solid sodium cyanide from the International Port of Surabaya (Terminal Petikemas Surabaya), Indonesia by road to the Domestic Port of Surabaya (Port of Perak), Indonesia by PT Hacaca Setio Abadi, sea transport from the Port of Perak to the Port of Bitung, Indonesia by PT Meratus Line and PT Tanto Intim Line.  Interim storage at the Port of Bitung (Terminal Petikemus Bitung) and road transportation to mine sites by PT Energy Logistics. Sea transportation from Port of Bitung interim storage (Terminal Petikemas Bitung) to Tanjung Barnabas Port by PT Christine was pre-operationally certified October 15, 2018.