Grupo SEMISA (Capesa & Co. S.R.L. / Transportes Valentin S.A.), Argentina

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Grupo SEMISA (Capesa & Co. S.R.L. / Transportes Valentin S.A.)

Current Certification Status

Pre-Operationally Certified

Current Certification


Audit Documents
Initial Certification


Operation Details

Signatory Date:
January 08, 2020



Signatory Ownership:

Operating Company:
Grupo SEMISA (Capesa & Co. S.R.L. / Transportes Valentin S.A.)

General Mosconi S/N, Rawson
San Juan

Additional Information or Comments

The deadline for conducting the certification audit for Grupo SEMISA has been extended to December 18, 2021 due to health concerns and travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 virus.

The Grupo SEMISA was pre-operationally certified on May 5, 2020 and must be audited for operational compliance within 6 months of its first transport of cyanide.
Road transportation by Capesa & Co. S.R.L. / Transportes Valentin S.A.