Chemours Bag to Bulk Transloading Facility

Name of Mine, Production Facility or Transport Operation

Chemours Hermosillo Bag to Bulk Transloading Facility

Signatory Ownership Position


Name of Operating Company

The Chemours Company

Operation Address / Location

Av. Fusión Final sin número, Carretera a La Colorada,Parque Industrial Dynatech Sur.
C.P. 83299

Date of Certification

September 11, 2017

Date of Initial Certification

August 27, 2010

Signatory Date*

August 27, 2010

Additional Information or Comments

The deadline for conducting the recertification audit for the Chemours Hermosillo Bag to Balk Transloading Facility has been extended to June 30, 2021 due to health concerns and travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 virus.
The Hermosillo Transloading facility was audited and certified as a separate cyanide production operation in 2017.  Previously (2010, 2014), the operation was audited and certified as part of DuPont’s Mexico Supply Chain.  .