Arizona Logistica

Name of Mine, Production Facility or Transport Operation

Arizona Logistica

Signatory Ownership Position


Name of Operating Company

Arizona Logistica Ltda.

Operation Address / Location

Av. Cel. Jove Soares Nogueira, 707 Bairro: Inconfidentes, Contagem
Minas Gerais

Date of Certification

May 21, 2024

Date of Initial Certification

January 10, 2020

Signatory Date*

January 17, 2019

Additional Information or Comments

Arizona Logistica is currently pre-operationally certified.  The operation must be audited for full operational compliance within six months of its initial transportation of cyanide.

Arizona Logistica was previously a signatory to the Cyanide Code in 2019, and its operation was Code-certified 10 January 2020, but the company withdrew from the program in 2023.