PT. Trans Continent, Indonesia

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PT. Trans Continent 100% PT. Trans Continent
Jl. Tebet Raya No. 22A, Tebet Barat
South Jakarta 12810
6° 12' 42" S, 106° 50' 43" E

The Supply Chain covers the transportation of solid sodium cyanide from the Port of Ulsan in the Republic of Korea to the international Port of Surabaya, Indonesia via Wan Hai Lines, road transport to the domestic Port of Surabaya by PT Trans Continent and PT Hacaca Setio Abadi, shipment to the Ports of Barnabas and Bitung, Indonesia by PT Pelayaran Bunga Mahakam Perkasa – Samarinda and PT Tanto Intim Line, and shipment by road from the Port of Bitung to mine sites by PT Misa Utara.

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