Dundee Precious Metals Inc., Canada

Name of Mine, Production Facility or Transport Operation Signatory Ownership Position Name of Operating Company Operation Address/Location Certification Intention Additional Information or Comments Date of Certification Audit Documents Date of Initial Certification Archived Audit Documents Signatory Date*
Chelopech 100% Balkan Mineral and Mining
2087 Chelopech Village
Sofia District, 23
42° 41' 50" N, 24° 4' 40" E

The operation has been pre-operationally certified.  The operation must notify ICMI within 90 days of the date of its first receipt of cyanide, and must have the site inspection portion of its certification audit completed within one year of that date.

October 31, 2008 PDF icon Summary Audit Report, PDF icon Auditor Credentials Form February 04, 2008
Krumovgrad 100% Balkan Mineral and Mining
26 Bacho Kiro Street
Sofia 1000, 23
41° 26' 0" N, 25° 38' 0" E

This is a green-fields project and engineering is not complete. As soon as the project is sufficiently advanced and engineering is completed, DPM would include this project as one where it is intended to seek certification.

February 04, 2008
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